Saturday, October 11, 2008


I have just had to deal with a close friends death and its had me really down lately. She was such a wonderful person and always ready to have fun and cause a little trouble every now and then, she was full of life and lived each day as if it was her last. She loved nature and she always recognised the good and purity in everything and everyone even if you couldn't see it.

In the last blog I showed a whole lot of stuff that I found while shopping. I decided to design a piece that I know my friend would of worn and also to symbolize her in a way. The first pair of earrings is made of black wood which reminds me of death, I then designed a simple yet complex little Flower that represents Sarah (my friend) as her soul and the white flower is carved mother of pearl shell and that for me represent and symbolizes the good purity of her soul.

This next set of earrings, well they where just an idea that I had after making the top pair. The great thing out these earrings is that they not heavy at all, I wore a pair today and I didn't even remember that I had them on. I felt really pleased when someone stopped me and commented me on my earrings.

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Chris said...

Hi Taryn .... these are beautiful earrings... Initially I thought the hooks came from the silver piece and now I wonder why it doesn't... anyway... they are still great..