Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Show case!

At the end of every year the third and fourth years have and end of year show. The third years get to show their new personal project pieces and the fourth years get to show what they have done over their the year or years. This year I have made a glass box to put over my pieces, with a lock on. The steel frame is from my mothers work. the reps at her work said that if I could use it then take it. As to you can see from the picture below, there are a few lings that I'm wanting to change on the steel frame itself. Because my work is all about nature and the purity of it I have decided to put flowers around the steel bottom to make it look like a garden theme. On the wall behind my stand I'm going to put photos of my other pieces as I'm not putting all my pieces into the show case otherwise it will be too crowded.

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