Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Next Process

After cutting the wooden bangles, I have to sandpaper the bangles down as they have rough edge's and patches on the surface of the wood. I have to make sure that the wooden bangle is smooth as anything, its very important as if it isn't smooth it will cause a delay at a later stage in the process. Once its sanded properly, we mix polyurethane and water it down with turpentine. With that I paint a thin layer onto the wood and leace it to dry for 2 - 4 hours , once its dry, I sandpaper it down as there maybe bumbs or bubbles, once sandpapered I repeat the process with the paint. This process is repeated 3 - 4 times. This solution makes the wooden bangle a lot stronger and brings out the grain of the wood.

At a later stage of today I will be posting some pictures of the process.

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