Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My family and I are going on holiday, I'm sooooooo excited. I remind myself of my father, he loved going on holiday to Port St John's in the Transky. I love it there to. Its the perfect place to be or live. Its such a lovely place. So peaceful, quiet and tons of nature to observe, not much to do but it helps get your mind off things that are happening in your life. The last time we went to Port St Johns was to scatter my dads ashes July last year. My father and I would sit outside where ever we where staying and just listen to the birds, water, and the sounds of nature around us. These are a few places that we stayed at last time we went to the Transky.

This year we going North, up country , I'm not to sure where but am just excited to think about going on holiday and getting away from real life, even if its just for 5 days.

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