Tuesday, August 26, 2008


When you wake up and all you hear are the birds singing you know Spring is on the way. Its such an exciting time, you see and hear birds, the grass gets greener, the trees start springing to life and the flowers start to blossom. Things become brighter with colour, and peoples moods become brighter with day light. What I enjoy the most about Spring starting, is the house magazines, they start showing you how you can decorate your house with flowers and pot plants, they some how capture the beauty of the flowers in their photos, you just cant stop looking at these pictures, they just so stunning.
This is one of the magazines that I buy and enjoy their ideas. This is the cover of their Spring addition that just come out. Inside they have stunning photos of flower arrangements you could do to bring spring into your home. I love their main heading "Frolic with Flowers".

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