Friday, August 15, 2008


My father died in 2006 just as I was going into my 3rd year at tech and just as we started our personal projects. My father and I had a song named "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle. In my 3rd year I started creating jewellery with the shape and forms of butterflies and flowers. Starting my 4th year I found myself going in a different direction some unknown reason. A few weeks ago I was Helping my mother clean out a cupboard and found a drawing my father did of a rose and dated it 1982. I suddenly realized what I had been missing and that's my flowers that I had made.

I Started thinking about my flowers and looking at other flowers, looking at their shapes, forms and what they mean. I have been looking at the Daisy flower and have taken the simple shape of the petals and have created my own Daisy flower, except they out of metal. Daisy means innocence and purity, they use Daisie's to cheer people up, they cheer me up, Ive been looking at the normall white and yellow daisy flower but you can get different Daisies in a vibrant rainbow of colours.

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