Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today, two years ago my father died and today I sit and remember all the silly things he did and things he taught me and showed me. I found a poem that I want to dedicate to my father on this day.

I love you, Dad, for all the things you did.
You made me laugh when I was feeling blue.
You could untie the hardest knot of all,
Although I had tugged the lace until it was small.

You knew the the reason for most everything,
Like why it rained and why bees sometimes sting,
Like why the sun came up and flowers bloom,
And why a jet created a sonic boom.

You are the closest friend Ive ever had.
You shared with me the times both good and bad.
I love you, Dad, for all the things you did,
But most of all I love you, Dad, For you.

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